7 reasons Touch Typing speed is important


Touch typing relates to the process of using the right key fingers to type the text while relying on minimal visual input on the keyboard. Obviously, the most important benefit of learning touch typing is the ability to see a significant increase in the efficiency and speed. It is the most-effective method for working effectively on all-types of data-entry products. On average, typing speed using this method is in the region of 45 to 65 words per minutes, while those in type related work positions are more likely to rely on speeds of up to 80 or more words per minute. This article highlights and explains 7 reasons why touch typing speed is important. Continue reading “7 reasons Touch Typing speed is important”

Why is Typing Skill Important?

Gone are the days when typing skill is only important for transcriptionists and data entry tasks. In today’s world, everybody find themselves sitting in front of a computer and keyboard for one reason or the other. It could be surfing the internet, chatting or even typing a project or report. Without the right typing skill, you will have difficulty in carrying out these activities. Typing accuracy and typing speed are important skills that everyone should have. However, just like every important skills, it is not an instant thing. You need to learn and perfect it. This treatise will take you through the importance of typing skill. Continue reading “Why is Typing Skill Important?”

DVORAK keyboard layout

DVORAK keyboard layout or format was introduced and patented in 1936 by Dr. August Dvorak and William Dealey. They introduced the format as an alternative to the usual QWERTY format. The design of the Dvorak keyboard is to minimize typist fatigue, which became a common experience for the users of the QWERTY format keyboard. Dvorak Keyboard layout was designed to overcome the mechanical imperfections of the first keyboards including the QWERTY layout whose neighboring keypads tended to get stuck together when a keypad is struck. Continue reading “DVORAK keyboard layout”