7 reasons Touch Typing speed is important


Touch typing relates to the process of using the right key fingers to type the text while relying on minimal visual input on the keyboard. Obviously, the most important benefit of learning touch typing is the ability to see a significant increase in the efficiency and speed. It is the most-effective method for working effectively on all-types of data-entry products. On average, typing speed using this method is in the region of 45 to 65 words per minutes, while those in type related work positions are more likely to rely on speeds of up to 80 or more words per minute. This article highlights and explains 7 reasons why touch typing speed is important.

#1 It Improves Ergonomics

With fast touch typing speed there is no need to keep looking down at the keyboard. This makes it possible to use proper posture, with less stress in the area of the neck, arms, shoulders and fingers. It offers you the perfect opportunity to adopt healthy computer habits to experience long-term comfort and reduce the risk of injury.

#2 It Increases Focus

A major importance of touch typing speed is that it helps to increase focus. As it help to focus on ideas rather than searching for the right keys. Rather than relying on sight to type, touch typing is more concerned with motor memory which means it is possible to free up the time to concentrate on the screen.

#3 Increases Confident with Computers

When you have fast touch typing skills, it is certain that you’ll be more confident working with computers and more likely to take full advantage of what the device is able to offer.

#4 It Increases Job Prospects

Touch typing speed is not an optional skill anymore. Many employers require computer skills and a certain typing speed to even be considered for some positions. Learning to touch type, and to do so fast and accurately, can be one of the most invaluable skills of your career.

#5 It Reduces Fatigue

Typing is both mentally and physically exhausting to do for long periods of time. Having fast touch typing skill help to properly reduces both mental and physical fatigue.

#6 It saves Time

If you increase your touch typing speed from, say 30 words per minute to 60, you have effectively halved the time it would take you to do the same amount of work.

#7 It Brings about Accuracy

While learning to have a fast touch typing speed, you also work on having accuracy and not having to work on continuous edits. Interestingly, as soon as you have mastered that fast typing speed you would have also gained mastery over typing accuracy. That means you will spend less time checking for mistakes in your writing and correcting them, saving you yet more time and making less work for you. It will also mean that there is less chance that mistakes will sneak through into the final version of the document.

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